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Wood Decay Detection Instruments for the Serious Arborist!

IML Resistograph

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IML Resistograph

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Tree Inspection

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Tree Inspection

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Tree Care Industry (VTA)

While experienced observation will continue to be important, combining Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) and IML instruments aids early detection of decay, preventing personal injury and property damage due to fallen trees. The IML Resistograph measures the degree of decay and remaining wall thickness, giving the user a quantification of the structural integrity of trees.
The inspector can also attach the 45 degree adapter to measure and record the wood density below ground level. The resulting data is the kind of detailed documentation managers and consultants need to defend or justify their decisions whether or not to remove
a tree!

Use our instruments to:

 Detecting decay and rot in various stages
  Recognize compressed separation zones
  Locate ring shakes, cracks and cavities
  Analyze annual rings
  Determine annual ring width and growth
  Determine the degree of decay and
  Evaluate the quality of the wood

The applications of our instruments in urban areas are backed up
by government agencies and municipalities!

Wood Decay Detection Instruments
Our special test and measuring instruments are used to detect and locate internal defects in trees along roadsides, in parks or forests, which often can not be seen from the outside.
With the IML Resistograph, you will get detailed information about the inside of trees and roots are determined by measuring the drilling resistance. The instrument work precisely and fast.  

The IML Resistograph for Hazard Tree Evaluation:

  Reduce risk of failure of forests 
  Evaluate tree defects quickly and accurately
  Measure the location and extend of decay
  Quantify and record decay
  Detailed and precise analysis
  Scientifically based and proven technology

IML Resistograph  Read more about the IML Resistograph


Mobile Tree Inspection


Mobile Hazard Tree Evaluation
Quick inspection on location!

Pole Inspection


Pole Inspection
Replace No Pole Before Its Time!

Timber Structures


Timber Structures
- Building Inspection
- Termite Inspection
- Bridge Inspection
- Playground Equipment


Resistograph F-Series


Resistograph F-Series
Drilling Resistance Measurement

Micro Hammer


Micro Hammer
Sound Velocity Measurement



Strength Measurement

IML Books


IML Books
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IML Brochure


IML Brochure
Test and Measuring Instruments for Trees and Timber Structures

IML Article Tree Structure


Internal Tree Structure Assessment with the IML Resistograph
Article by Oliver Hein



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